Spekter Human Enhancement 

 May 3, 2018

By  Steve Gilruth

An optimized Body & Mind Are The True Key To Optimal Performance..

Spekter Supplements

Spekter XT-01 Human Enhancement Formula

Spekter XT-01 Cognition Enhancement Formula

Enhanced Focus & Mood

The beauty is how Spekter XT-01 Cognition Enhancement Formula balances a powerful rush of premium nutritional super food complex plus extra blood oxygen to nourish nerve, brain and body cells. It's precision lab formulated from advanced neuro bio research to help unlock the limitless potency of the body and mind.

One modern secret of success is high powered nootropics diet supplements. What we now prize as a dietary enhancer for cell circulation and energy metabolism. They supply extra strength nutritional essentials for peak physical stamina, mental cognition, and nervous system balance.

Spekter GT-07 Absorption Enhancement Formula

Spekter GT-07 Absorption Enhancement Formula

After years of research, this legendary combination continues to impress scientists, practitioners and consumers worldwide. Spekter GT-07 Absorption Enhancement Formula works on the cells of the body and work synergistically to support many cellular activities.

Spekter GT-07 is truly a multi-action formula that is recognized as a potent antioxidant, provides comprehensive immune support, promotes a healthy cardiovascular system, supports glucose metabolism, healthy renal function and more.

Make Spekter GT-07 part of your daily program for optimal health and wellness!

Spekter AG-01 Anti-Aging Enhancement Formula

Spekter AG-01 Anti-Aging Enhancement Formula

Working alongside the skin's fundamental natural antioxidant defence system to help strengthen the skin and help fight against the appearance of signs of ageing even before they appear.

Spekter AG-01 Anti-Aging Enhancement Formula is specially formulated and enriched with new technology which is specially formulated to end signs of aging to look younger and younger. The best part is it will work from the root cause of the issue - your DNA.

Spekter Cleanse Human Enhancement Formula

Detox, flush & gut repair

Many diseases originally manifest from the small intestine. For a true cleanse you must clean from the mouth through the GI tract.

Spekter Cleanse Human Enhancement Formula inside this deep intra-cellular cleanse detoxifies the stomach, large intestine and small intestine cleansing right through the whole GI tract. The colon is a primary organ involved in the body's internal detoxification elimination process and vital to maintain optimal health.

How Spekter Human Enhancement Formula Works

No Jitters And Crashes, Over Stimulation Excessive Vitamin Doses

In the nootropic space brands blend excessive stimulants that create a false sense of energy and productivity which leads to crashes and mental fatigue due to over stimulation.

The XT-01 and GT-01 combination focuses on providing calm energy and focus by delivering true nutrition for real mental benefits.

  • Maximum delivery by optimizing the gut first.
  • Increase energy naturally without crash causing stimulants.
  • Achieve calm Zen like focus by improving nutrient delivery to your brain.
  • Increase brain power and mood by balancing the body to counter stress and repair its effects. 
Spekter Human Enhancement
  1. Gut absorption
  2. Nutrient delivery
  3. Repair and recovery

Spekter Human Enhancement Formula Alternative

Increase my energy - drive & feel younger

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