These sexercise tips for men can leave you with bulging biceps, a solid stomach and toned thighs.

Sex can greatly complement your training by specifically targeting your core, cardiovascular fitness and some of the largest muscles in your body.

“Change positions every few minutes to ensure that you vary the stimulation and to target different muscle groups.”

So next time you need to hit the gym, try one – or all – of these moves instead…

Twister Stalemate


What it works: “As the woman thrusts upwards, this works her glutes and hamstrings,” explains Decford Hutchins, one half of personal training duo ‘TeamDyle’, who train at LA Fitness in West India Quay, Canary Wharf.“The man is bearing the woman’s weight, so his core needs to be engaged, while his chest and triceps need to work hard to stay in the position for a considerable amount of time.”

What you need to do: The woman should be underneath the man, who is on his hands and knees. The woman wraps her arms around the man, lifting her body off the floor, with both feet planted on the floor, either side of the man’s. Kcals burnt in 30 mins: Him 135; her 97

Strictly Ballroom


What it works: “The man needs to be strong in the bicep department and have substantial quad and core strength,” says Kyle Maslen, the other half of TeamDyle.

“The woman will work her biceps as she keeps her arms wrapped around the man’s neck, and she will need to engage her core to maintain her position.

What you need to do: The guy stands while the woman wraps her legs around his hips and her arms around his neck. The man supports the woman by holding her bottom.

Kcals burnt in 30 mins: Him 118; her 96

The Wheelbarrow Race


What you need to do:

The man stands behind the woman, lifting up her lower body by the front of her thighs, while the woman plants her hands on the floor.

What it works: “The man works his biceps as he holds her thighs in a fixed position,” Hutchins says. “He will also use his quads and glutes due to the weight-bearing pelvic-thrust motion.

The woman will use her core to stay in position and will work her chest and triceps as she supports her upper body.”

Kcals burnt in 30 mins: Him 101; her 97

The Reverse Cowgirl


What you need to do:

The man lies down and the woman straddles him, facing his feet. She can stay upright, but leaning back maximizes her workout.

What it works: “Although the man appears to be in a relaxed position, he can still work his muscles with thrusting and glute contraction,” Maslen says. “The woman is definitely doing most of the work, though. If she leans back she will need to use her core and triceps to keep her stable, while also contracting her glutes.”

Sex Really Does You Good!

Sex can keep you fit, and it can help you shed extra weight. Having sex is similar to a High-Intensity Interval Workout (HIIT).  An interval workout is where you exercise at an intense level for a certain amount of time, followed up by a less intense period, then back to intense again.  Well, what does that sound like to you?  Sex!!

Studies show that interval training for just 15 minutes a few times a week can produce better results than someone running an hour on a treadmill. This type of workout burns more fat than jogging. Not only that, it helps speed up your metabolism! The best part is that you only need your partner, and no gym membership is required.

How many calories can you burn having sex?  You can burn at least 80-300 calories depending on how long and intense your time is with you man.   A well-timed quickie can help get rid of those love handles.

In addition, sex helps you relieve stress, and studies show it has helped relieve depression.  It also boosts the immune system, helping you avoid nasty colds and other sicknesses.  Sex can improve PMS symptoms (hallelujah), arthritis pain, and headaches.

Being too tired for sex is probably the number one excuse (besides having a headache) that a woman gives when she doesn’t want to have sex.  You may want to stop using that one too. Research shows that oxytocin which is released when you have an orgasm helps you to sleep better.  Sleep not only helps you prepare for the next day, it also helps you get to a healthy weight.

You can sleep better, get fit, and increase your metabolism in just 20 minutes of sexercise.

Sexercise Plan

Check Our Top Sex Tips For Men To Maximize Your Sex Workout!

Rude Vitality

Top Tips: Male Holding onto the women’s thighs and pulling you towards her will give a deeper abdominal workout. Female Tilting the pelvis forward, rotating the hips in a circular motion will workout the waistline.

Reclining Opposites

Top Tips: Male Lifting the bottom for longer periods will give the hamstring a conditioning workout. Also concentrating on the hip thrusting movements will give the abdominal’s a deeper workout. Female Focus on quality hip movement will work and condition the pelvis and abdominal’s.

Famous Knot

Top Tips: Male Climbing over the woman into a squatting position with legs either side of her will intensively work out the front of the upper leg, the bottom and inner and outer thighs. Female Move the hips in a rotating circular motion to tone the waist and area around the sides of the stomach.

The Doggy

Top Tips: Male To give the back of the upper arm, chest and shoulders an extra workout bend the arms to lower your chest towards the womans body then extend them to push away from her. Female Using your hands, pull yourself up towards the man and hold onto him to work the upper arms and the area below the armpits.

The Box

Top Tips: Male By leaning further backwards allowing the arms to support more weight the upper arm area and shoulders will get a great workout. Also, boost the toning effect on the bottom by easing the hips back and forth.Female Get rid of flabby upper arms by leaning back, adopting a similar position to the man. This will help tone and define the upper arms.


Additional positions to spice up your week:

The Missionary

Top Tips: Male Use the feet to push the body forwards to work out the calves. Female Isolating the upper body will place emphasis on quality pelvis and abdominal movement to condition the stomach and bottom.

The Wall Stand

Top Tips: Male Place hands under her bottom and pull her up towards you. This will work out the front of the upper arm and the upper back. Additional squatting will work the fronts of the thigh. Female – Take the arms away from your partner’s shoulders and tilt the hips to give the abdominals an extra workout. This will also help tone the inner and outer thigh.

Extra cheeky tips to maximize every sex session: Don’t forget that the more activity you can squeeze into your sex sessions the more calories you will burn so make sure you always warm up and warm down!

Foreplay French kissing burns 90 calories during a 30-minute session so the longer you can go without breath the better!

Kissing has a toning effect on the neck muscles and will also condition the cheekbone and chin areas. Now there’s no excuse for a double chin!A vigorous session can help you burn an extra 120 calories during a 30-minute session.

Oral sex will help tone the entire facial area which is definitely good news! And for all the ladies, semen contains vitamin C which is extremely beneficial to the skin who said you needed to take supplements!

There is however a flip side, one teaspoon of semen contains 7 calories so please limit your intake!


For all you singletons out there, a vigorous masturbation session can help burn up to 300 calories who said you needed sex?!If you’re a man, masturbation will tone and strengthen the upper and lower arms.


Having an orgasm will not only ensure you have a great sex session but will also release endorphins into the bloodstream helping you to burn calories, relieve tension and calm those junk food cravings.

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