May 2, 2018


Position #1:

The Roaring Dragon

sex tips for menThe first sex tips for men position stimulates both her mind AND her body… Here’s why:

Reason 1: It’s a VERY animalistic, dominant position. By ‘taking’ her standing up like this, you’re basically telling her, “Baby, you’re so hot that I can’t wait. need you, NOW!” 

And guess what? Women LOVE to feel desired like this… It stimulates that ‘primal’ part of her brain that you need to activate if you want to be able to satisfy her on the deepest level.

PRO TIP: add some more dominance by lightly pulling her hair from behind while confidently talking dirty to her.

Reason 2: The thrusting you give her in this position hits her ‘g-spot’, that VERY sensitive area along the front wall of her vagina that triggers those body-quaking, highly addictive ‘OH MY GOD!’ vaginal orgasms

PRO TIP: Double her pleasure by also gently stroking her clitoris while you’re thrusting – this is going to drive her absolutely crazy with pleasure, and probably cut the time it takes her to orgasm IN HALF…)

Here’s another good position that allows you to penetrate REALLY deep…

Position #2:

The “Deep Factor” Advanced Missionary Position

Deep Factor

Here’s why this position is so great for giving her deep penetration: Look at the angle of her legs and how they are touching her stomach.

This actually makes the pathway down her ‘hot spot’ shorter than normal. The result is…

You feel MUCH bigger inside her, in case your a little on the ‘smaller’ side.

It also allows you to hit what’s called the ‘deep spot’ which is an area along the front wall of her vagina just in front of her cervix (the very back of her pussy) that gives her amazing pleasure.

Hit this spot and you’ll give her an EXTREMELY powerful vaginal orgasm. But don’t just plow all the way in right away. Instead, tease her with slow strokes that gradually get deeper and deeper.

PRO TIP: Place a pillow under her butt for an even more direct shot at this most powerful pleasure point…


Position #3:

Tangled Up!

tangle-upThe position might look a little wild, but it’s actually very easy to get into. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Have your lover straddle you on your lap, with you inside her
Step 2: Have her lean back
Step 3: Now you lean back
Step 4: Let her slowly grind herself against you while you stay deep inside her.
Step 5: Lightly stroke her clit with your fingers while shes grinding against you.

Now that you’re doing all this, the clit play and deep penetration are gonna combine together to give her OVERWHELMING pleasure that’s going to give her an amazing ‘blended’ (clitoral AND vaginal, at the same time) orgasm.


Top Five Moves Guaranteed To Blow Your Mind!

Try them, we promise at the end you’ll be totally impressed and converted!

1: Scissors


This move is always a fav! While lying on your side, let him slide into you. Lift one of your legs straight up in the air, and rest your ankle on your man’s shoulder.

He’ll able to grind away using your leg for control. You can also mix it up switching legs and shoulders. He’ll also have great access to your clit – so you can get a bit of finger action all at the same time!

2: Knees Up


This move is a wicked take on the traditional missionary position. While lying on your back, put a pillow under your bum, lift your hips and bring your legs up and back toward your shoulders, as though you’re folding in half, resting against his shoulders.

This move allows him better ease of thrusting and deeper penetration – a bonus for both of you!

3: The Lusty Lotus


Start with your man in a seated position. Face him and climb into his lap so your straddling him, guiding his penis inside you.
Wrap your legs around his waist while he crosses his leg Indian-style, then put your arms around his neck as he holds you under his hips.
Then, all that’s left to do is rock back forward and enjoy for a long, sensual, big O build-up! The slow rocking motion lets his penis glide over your G-spot – fabulous!
4: The Cat

sex moves the cat
This one will require a bit of practice to get right – but it’s well worth it! Lie on your stomach and grab your ankles backwards while opening your knees widely.
Get your man to half-life, half-kneel between your open legs supporting his weight on his hands.
It’s also a well known yoga position which can be used to strengthen the lower back and internal organs! It’s a different take on the traditional ‘doggie style’.
5: The Mirror
sex moves mirror
Although this position doesn’t involve a mirror – it does involve the two of you mirroring each other!
Sit facing each other and wrap one leg around your partner’s waist – you should both be reflecting each other.
The other leg can be either stretched out or bent at the knee, whatever feels most comfortable for you.


Bonus Pro Sex Tips For Men

In this lesson you’re going to discover themost powerful tool for unlocking screaming orgasms from your girl… so get ready!

What it is is actually quite surprising… because…

It’s NOT having a huge penis.

It’s NOT some crazy sexual position.

And it’s NOT a pill, a toy, or a special “spot” technique.

Nope. The most powerful tool for unlocking screaming orgasms from your girl is actually…


I know I know, this is starting to sound cheesy… but bare with me =)

Here’s the deal:

As I’m sure you know, for men sexual pleasure is MOSTLY physical.

You see a hot woman, great ass, nice breasts, and a pretty face… and these “assets” of hers trigger a biological signal to your body that makes you want to be intimate with her.

You don’t care what kind of car she drives, what she does for a living, or even if she can speak!

Old news right? Ok, let’s move on…

So… for a woman, the biological “trigger” for sexual pleasure is VERY DIFFERENT.

Your girl isn’t staring at your chest, your legs, or your manhood.
In fact, even if she’s staring at Brad Pitt, yes, she’s going to find him attractive… but women never get that same URGE that men do.

So what DOES trigger that biological response in a woman?
It’s when you make her FEEL a certain way.

Put more simply…

Women THRIVE on emotions.

Unlocking your girls emotions – and being able to influence her emotions in bed – is extremely important for female pleasure.

ESPECIALLY when it comes to giving a woman what she really wants…mind-blowing, body-shaking orgasms =)

Here’s something most guys don’t realize:

The female orgasms occurs when a woman is totally in the moment, and allows herself to surrender her emotions and control of her body to you.
Read that again. It’s important.

The best lovers are can get INSIDE A WOMAN’S HEAD and make her feel very strong emotions during lovemaking.

Any woman will tell you that her strongest orgasms are those that are the most emotional for her.
Sure, physical orgasms such as the g-spot, deep spot, oral sex, and clitoral

However, the next level is being able to not only stimulate her to have physical orgasms… but AT THE SAME TIME involve HER BRAIN.

And THAT is when she’ll really be blown away =)
Sooo… the key to giving her these intensely stronger orgasms is to lead her to the emotions you want her to feel.

And the first way to do it, is to…

TALK her into her orgasm!

I don’t mean CONVINCE her into it. I mean lead her into it gently with your words.

As she is getting close to peaking (you can tell by: moving her hips up and down, moaning loudly, gets VERY wet, says she is about to come) gently encourage her in a low, slow voice by saying any of the following:

“Come for me baby”
” Get really wet and come for baby”
“Relax baby and come for me”

Now, those lines may sound cheesy to you… but they work and here is why…

For a woman to orgasm intensely she has to TOTALLY give up control of her body. When you give her this gentle reassurance that she CAN trust you and give up control, she will have an extremely intense orgasm.

It’s that simple =)
Enjoy this technique and remember, INTENSE ORGASMS start in her MIND.

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